Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter 8 - And the Internet strikes again

My life was full of new friends, new places and experienes, as well as new 22nd birthday was no exception. Every night out led to a new experience, a new relationship and a new beginning.
Heading out on Landsdowne, my friends and I hit Bill's Bar to see our friend Juanita's band, Heidi, play. As the band played I headed down the hallway to the bathroom where I inadvertantly tripped over a shoe. Apologetically, I looked up and with a laugh.  After I was forgiven for tripping, I looked directly into the eyes of a guy leaning against the wall. 

He told me he was in a band (swoon!), a guitarist no less, and we talked for a bit.  He was taller than me, brown hair and glasses...nerdy but a rockstar.  Clearly on this magical night I had literally stumbled upon a rare find. 

I shared that it was my birthday and though tipsy, I was holding my own.  We talked, introduced ourselves and hung out there for the performance.  It was odd how in the little hallway at Bill's Bar I had found an intriguing conversation.  I always loved the feel of Bill's, the tight space, the intimate setting for music and the mood was always right for intrigue.

I clearly remember having to stand close to him to hear what he was saying.  He smelled delicous to me.  The smell of spilt beer aside, he smelled like a fall night, or cologne, or maybe I had been drinking enough that my memory is cloudy. 

Abruptly, I was informed that my birthday parade was moving on to another bar.  I said goodbye to my good new friend.  We didn't exchange information, so I just thought of it as another random guy I talked to in a real reason to make a connection.  After the humilating and honestly inappropriate way in which I stalked a gentleman at his company, it was probably best that contact info was not exchanged.  Clearly I couldn't be trusted. 

My friends and I headed to the Cask N' Flagon where birthday debauchery continued.  We danced, laughed and drank.  It was the first birthday I had as a single girl, the first birthday I was on my own in the city.  It was nice to feel that amazing freedom.  On that night, like most nights I felt free.  I felt like in the months since the break up of my engagement that I was actually moving towards myself again.  I wasn't just a broken shell anymore, but a broken shell with a few band-aids.  I liked being me again...and I liked that other people liked me. 

After hours of dancing and laughing, my friend knocked a beer off of a barstool with her backpack purse...I remember this because it was at that point that we closed up the bar, left and headed back to 'BCN to just relax and sober up before any of us tried to drive home.  Walking back to the station I was smiling the smile of hope.  My face was lit with the beer buzz smile that I had been really waiting for.  I didn't think of the guy who dumped me at all that night.  He wasn't even creeping into the corners of my mind at all.  I loved that I didn't have to think about him all the time anymore.  I loved that I was starting to forget the sound of his voice, the sound of his heartbeat or the touch of his hand. 

It was nice to start forming my own memories that didn't include him.  I wanted to make memories during my 22nd year that just focused on me...I wanted to create memories that just focused on my future.

After a few days, the birthday glow had faded.  I was back at work, in my office, when Juanita walked in with an email she had printed out.  With a smile on her face, she handed me the email.  After skimming it quickly I realized that the Internet has struck again and this time the target was me.